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Rod Jobs: Pinsetter Mechanic

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We're here at Hollywood Bowl on North 48th. Of course, the goal of this game is to knock down as many pins as possible, but there's so much that goes on behind the scenes. I thought I told the guy to put up the bumpers. Anyway, I'm going to a pinsetter mechanic for a day. Come on back to see what it's all about. This is something very few people get to see. This is the brains of the bowling operation. We're in the back here, where all the pinsetting machines are. C'mon follow me. I'm joined by Bill, pinsetter mechanic and Earl, co-owner. Thanks for having me!
Tell me what we are looking at here?

"This is the Brunswick Jet Pinsetter and this machine has virtually run unchanged since 1956. They get the ins you knock down, they'll send the ball back to you and spot you a whole new set of pins," says Bill.

Time to get to work. First thing, safety. We unplug the machine and make sure it can't be turned back on.

Then, it's cleaning time.

"Oh my gosh Bill, what are we doing?" Rod asks.

"We're going to clean the kick backs and change the carpet cover," says Bill.

It's done with good old elbow grease, some cleaning spray and a rag and a new carpet. All of this is done to make sure the pins and bowling balls have a nice slick path to slide to the back auger, which brings the pins to their special places and spits the ball back to you.

They take very good care of these machines. They have to because there's 24 lanes with thousands of games played on them every week and with all of those moving parts, you have to make sure they're properly greased!
"Each pinsetter has over 5,000 moving parts, so it's constantly greasing, oiling, keeping them clean," says Earl.

"What a day at Hollywood Bowl. I hope with my skills, I bowled you over. Ok, no more puns. How did I do?" Rod asks.

"For your first day, good, even though you did the 1 machine," says Bill.

"You did 10 buckets and there's 230 to go," says Earl.

"The days young. You buy lunch, and we'll keep working. Thanks Earl and Bill!" says Rod.
A lot of work! Thanks Hollywood Bowl for letting me come out there.

By the way, Earl Kaup, the co-owner, he knows more than just the machines. This guy can bowl! He was just inducted into the Nebraska State Bowling Hall of Fame!

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