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Standoff near 46th and Pioneers ends peacefully

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A 5-hour stand-off near 46th and Pioneers ended peacefully Tuesday night after police took the suspect into custody. The day after, neighbors are still adjusting.
"It sounded like fireworks or something, the bang," said neighbor Roger Winkelhake.

Roger and his wife Iris were out walking their dogs when they heard shots; police later found a neighbor's car window shot out. The couple went home, not realizing at first that the suspect was their neighbor just across the street.
"From our bedroom window you had a great view of the door in and out of the house," Roger said. "That's where I went first of all with my binoculars. He was sitting on the step out there and the neighbor next door was concerned he had a firearm."

Police arrived, saw a man outside his house with a gun, and set up a perimeter. Some officers used Roger's house as a good vantage point during negotiations.

"Our concern I think mainly was for the gentleman across the street, and that law enforcement didn't get hurt either," Roger said.

Ofc. Angela Sands, with LPD, says SWAT, State Patrol, and LPD did a good job de-escalating the situation. 
"Anytime a firearm is involved obviously there's going to be dangers to responding officers, but with one round already being discharged obviously you place the neighbors, any responding officers, anyone with children at risk in the area," she said.

Roger and Iris know the suspect, who police say was suffering from a mental issue. Roger says the man has lived across the street for 12 years, but lately things seemed worse.
"A couple months ago, somewhere in that time frame, he seemed a little unstable," he said.

No citations have been made yet, but the suspect will face charges of disturbing the peace, discharging a firearm within city limits, and vandalism.

A scary situation in south Lincoln as a standoff ensued.

After five hours of negotiations, Lincoln Police, the SWAT team and state patrol were able to end a stand-off near 46th and Pioneers Tuesday evening.

"I was actually just getting out of my room and I looked out the window, and I noticed there was a cop outside my house with a shield," said Just Wiltshire, a resident in the area.

It all started when Lincoln Police responded to a report of shots fired. When they arrived, they discovered a neighbors car window shot out. Police say eventually a man began walking towards them with a handgun in his pants.

Sgt. Ken Koziol of the Lincoln Police Dept. said, "He returned back into the house and they tried all different types of techniques to get him out. He didn't have phone from what I understand and he wouldn't come to the door."

There were tense moments and it caused the neighborhood to go on lockdown. A nearby daycare at Calvert Rec Center went on lockdown as well.

Wiltshire said, "I actually, thank God that my boss can see this because I was supposed to go to work, but I had to call in today. I couldn't even leave my house."

The SWAT team was then called in to assist in getting him out of the house. They used a megaphone and other tactics to end the standoff.

"They brought up the M-Ramp into the driveway, shortly after that he came out with no gun in his hand, hands up and he was taken into custody," says Koziol.

Authorities are not releasing the name of the man at this point, and they say they believe he is suffering from a mental issue. He was booked on charges of disturbing the peace, discharging a firearm within city limits and vandalism.

No one was injured and police say the area is safe now. This is still an ongoing investigation and they do plan on executing a search warrant on the house.

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