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A group of local engineers caution the 84th and Leighton School zone

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The proposed school zone near 84th and Leighton may have another hurdle to overcome.

That is having another professional engineer get on board with it.

The city council voted to pass the resolution earlier this week.

The Nebraska chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies urges the mayor to veto it.

It said the council’s decision may be illegal based on state law placed on engineers.

The city's traffic engineer is against the idea.

He stated it's an improper use of a school zone.

So, public works will be forced to find a private one in the state, which will be hard to do.

"The data doesn't change. The science doesn't change. Our question is how a private engineering company will reach a different conclusion,” Public Works and Utilities Director Miki Esposito said.

School zone advocates said the data public works is presenting is not comprehensive.

Parent Travis Langemeier said he and other supporters have presented research too, which shows slower speeds and a school zone would be safer for kids.

He said the information given by the city is conflicting.

"Data is only as reliable  or credible as the author using it to tell their story,” Parent Advocate Travis Langemeier said.

The decision is now in the mayor's hands.

Both sides said they're trying to keep children safe.

"End of the day, we are hoping common sense will prevail. We're not talking about cracked bumpers on back of vehicle here. We're talking about the lives of kids,” Langemeier said.

"We need to them to know we are on their side and we are doing everything we can to keep their children safe. That's what we're motivated by,” Esposito said.

The city is looking at removing two other school zones near Pyrtle elementary and Schoo middle school.

Engineers are looking at traffic data in those areas to see if school zones are safe there.

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