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Lincoln Natives now in Florida wait out Hurricane Irma

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Family members are concerned and those in Florida are hunkered down, waiting out the storm.

Hurricane Irma is looking to cause widespread devastation throughout Florida.

Lincoln natives, now living in The Sunshine State are doing what they can to stay out of harms way.

Shawn Russell and his fiance now live in Fort Meyers; they escaped to Orlando to avoid the Brunt of Irma, but the uncertainty of what the storm could do to their home leaves them with more questions than answers.

"This definitely isn't like anything else we've seen, and I mean, we had a scare last year with Mathew, but I mean, the size of that storm compared to the size of this storm, there's no comparison," said Shawn Russell.

Jordan Clark lives north of Fort Meyers in Sarasota. He also had to evacuate, and is now staying with friends, and he wanted to share this message with his family in Lincoln.

"I am safe. I'm in a safe home, but really right now...I don't think anybody knows what to expect with this thing," says Jordan Clark.

But it's those family members back here in Nebraska, that can't help but worry.

Vanessa Schalbach is a Florida native, now living in Lincoln--but her parents, siblings and friends are still in Irma's path. She says she feels helpless, but all she can do is wait.

"It's overwhelming, and really frustrating because there's nothing from where I'm at that I can do," said Schalbach.

For those living through it, it's an optimistic attitude that's getting them through.

"We're doing good, as far as our state of mind goes, we're just really optimistic people, you know, we're hoping for the best for everybody," added Russell.

Those men we talked to say, they are staying safe indoors and abiding by curfew. The big message they wanted to get across to their families in Lincoln, is they're okay.

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