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Family fleeing Hurricane Irma stranded in Lincoln

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Confusing. Scary. Hopeless.

That's how Dorinda Roland described the last few days since she, her husband, her daughter, and her four granddaughters drove the agonizing miles from their home in Fort Meyers, FL, to Lincoln. 

"Couldn't find gas," Roland said. "Stopped at stations and the pumps were wrapped up with cellophane. couldn't find things to eat or drink, and we didn't have much money."

The family's originally from Lincoln, but they moved to Florida four years ago for Dorinda's health. She says they waited until Friday to evacuate in the face of deadly Hurricane Irma because they didn't have money for the trip. But as the storm drew near, it became clear Fort Meyers was in the cross hairs.

"I was not going to sit there in a house with windows in every room that were not boarded up through the hurricane," she said. "I just had this mental image of the glass breaking and cutting my granddaughters up. I wasn't going to take that chance."

They had to drive 19 hours straight that first day. They couldn't spend money on a hotel room, and rest stops along the highway were clogged with other evacuees. Dorinda's daughter, Angel, says it's not the first time she and the four girls have been uprooted.

"We had to leave everything behind just to get to Florida the first time," Angel said. "So they already lost everything."

Anastazia, her 12-year-old daughter, says she'd just made the track team before the storm hit. Now, it doesn't look like they'll be going back.

"I lost all my friends that I met through three years in Florida," she said.

Angel says she spent the day applying for jobs, but she says they'll be out of money for the hotel soon, and she doesn't know where they'll land next. The family says the devastation in Florida is unbelievable and the sheer scale of the storm left few untouched.

"We stuck it out together," Dorinda said. "And we'll stick this out together."

If you want to give to help the family, here's a link to their gofundme.

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