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NEB FB: Post Practice 10/2/17

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Courtesy: NU Media Relations

Lincoln, NEB. --- The Nebraska football team practiced for 90 minutes with full pads and helmets on Monday evening. The offense was on the Ed and Joyanne Gass Practice Field and the defense was in the Hawks Championship Center.

Offenseive Coordinator Danny Lansgdorf spoke to the media after practice about what the preparation for Wisconsin will be like.

“I think as freshman, every game is kind of a new experience for them, Langsdorf said. "We’ve really been preaching that if we do the same thing a week and we prepare the same way then it is another game. Everybody will make it a big game but we don’t have to prepare harder for Wisconsin than we did for Illinois. That’s really been the way that we approach it, that we want it to be the same every week and then we really don’t have to get up for the big game and act different and give more speeches or do anything crazy.”

Coach Langsdorf mentioned the screen play that didn’t work in last Saturday’s game against Illinois.

“We tried," Langsdorf said. "We had one that didn’t count in the plays because they had an offside. But we tried, it just didn’t count. Some of the interior linemen not being too much of a rusher. When you’re not rushing great or when you’re not getting much pushing, you get a lot of problems. That’s what happened on that play, there was a lot of man coverage. You’ve got to start the screen by getting it blocked early.”

Coach Langsdorf shared his opinion on this weekend’s game against Wisconsin.

“They are solid across the board, personnel wise. Really good statistically," Langsdorf said. “I think they’re the top two or three in our conference and top 10 nationally. So they’re really scouting against the run. The scoring defense does well. They’ll be the best defense we’ve faced.”

Coach Langsdorf mentioned the impact of Coach Bob Diaco’s decision to use a three-four defense.

“I think just the fact that you’re seeing a three-four through fall camp, I kind of felt like it’s been easier to go transition from playing a three-four team to a four-three game in a week than it is to go the other way. It’s been a real advantage, a real help for us.” Langsdorf said. “Out of the three-four you can get a bunch of different combinations of pressures. So we’ve seen a lot of that throughout the last couple of months. I think having all of that experience at work against the three-fours has been really good.”

The Huskers will continue to practice tomorrow afternoon in preparation for the home game against Wisconsin. The game will air on BTN at 7 p.m.

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