Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister released more information about Tuesday afternoon's robbery at Lincoln Federal Savings Bank on 48th and Normal.

Bliemeister said a Lincoln Police investigator was conducting surveillance at the bank when 21-year-old Israel Holmes entered the bank, sprayed pepper spray toward a clerk, and took cash.

It was seamless," Bliemeister said. "As he was exiting and the investigator was approaching and then the foot pursuit pursued. Certainly Mr. Holmes should have listened to the commands provided by the investigator, but he did not. He was taken into custody a short distance later."

Bliemeister said Lincoln Police investigators have been surveillancing banks throughout the city to crack down on the rash bank robberies this year as part of a well thought-out program through the agency.

Tuesday's incident was the 10th bank robbery in Lincoln in 2017.

Lincoln Police arrested Roosevelt Erving, 23, and Danielle Lawson, 26 in connection to a robbery at the Union Bank on Highway 2 and Southwood Drive on September 25th. Now LPD wants to know whether all three are connected, and if more suspects are out there.

The potential for more arrests do exist," Bliemeister said. "We are actively seeking out information to determine if in this particular instance Israel Holmes has any co-conspirators."

Bliemeister said another concerning part of Tuesday's bank robbery was that Holmes was listening to the police scanner through an app on his phone. He said he understands the need for transparency, but also feels that the safety of witnesses and his officers are paramount.

"There is this balance, the balance of transparency and the balance of the public needing to understand what policing function is," he said. "But its also an example of the dangers associated for the employees of the bank, and also for our officers who do not possess the element of surprise when this information is being relayed over a publicly available feed."