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Nebraska doctor details Las Vegas shooting

Nebraska doctor details Las Vegas shooting

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The Las Vegas tragedy is affecting so many people all over the nation including a Hastings man who experienced this tragic event.

Dr. Barry Bohlen, a Hastings doctor, was attending the concert series that he loves to go to each year with his wife, friends and step–daughter.

"Then you're like that's all those people right in front of you,” Bohlen said as he recounted the night.

His family was attending the country concert, not knowing this would be the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Dr. Barry Bohlen's shared his story with NTV.

"Lots of shots, I ducked just a little. I felt like it was outside of the zone and I felt like if something was going on it felt like it was coming outside of the arena,” Bohlen said.

He was hiding underneath bleachers seeing people down on the ground knowing something wasn't right.

"And we crawled out the side and I always feel like that they want to hit you once, then they want to hit you again when you leave, so I got us underneath the stands,” Bohlen said.

Being in the military and also a surgeon, he has seen a lot.

Dr. Bohlen stepped in working alongside other medical professionals to help others.

"It was just working with them and then the people that were there and everybody was just great just whether they were medically involved or not, either they were helping holding or starting IVs, we just didn't care what was going on we felt like we were safe again,” Bohlen said.

In the moment, he knew he had to provide assistance.

"It’s kind of this protect your wife and your friends, plus see what’s going on and then just trying to help,” Bohlen said.

This is something Dr. Bohlen will never forget.

"Just seeing the videos and seeing the video that was directly related to us is the worst, but it actually shows perspective where we were sitting,” Bohlen said.

With everything happening, his friends and family headed towards the Tropicana Hotel, running into a basement barricading themselves down there.

Bohlen said his experience in Iraq and training in a major trauma hospital helped him handle the incident.

Courtesy: NTV/KHGI

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