This is the first year there has been an elaborate celebration for day of the dead in Lincoln.

        Mariachi singers kicked off a celebration for day of the dead at the Nebraska History Museum Sunday afternoon.

        The Latin American holiday is traditionally celebrated on November first and is a way to honor friends and family who have died.

        Sometimes pets who have died are even honored.

        Francisca Beltran who helped coordinate the days festivities said there's one item that is a centerpiece for the day. 

        "You do an alter which is called an ofrenda in Spanish. You put up their picture and things they liked whether it's typical food or a drink, if they loved a particular flower, candles are usually on the alter," Beltran said.

        Several ofrendas of various sizes were set up at the Nebraska History Museum. 

        Linda Garcia from the Mexican American Historical Society says the holiday is not about gore or meant to make anyone sad, rather it's a way to feel connected to those who have died.

        "It brings forth a really important connection to life and death in a more comforting and lovable way," Garcia said.

        Aside from ofrendas singers and dancers performed in traditional attire.

        Children were also able to color paper skulls, make paper flowers, and listen to traditional stories teaching them about the holiday and its meaning. 

        Overall Francisca hopes people had fun celebrating, but also learned the true meaning of the holiday. 

        "It is an idea of continuously having those people in our minds and in our hearts and also learn more about the culture and the differences that there are," Beltran said.

        The Latin American Society hopes to celebrate day of the dead throughout the capitol city again next year and have the celebration be even bigger than this year.