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Both on and off the field, people in Wood River say Scott Frost is known as a leader, especially his former teammates from Wood River High School.

On the Wood River High School field is where Scott Frost played the game that he loved.

Former teammates spoke about the memories that they shared with the new Nebraska head coach.

Both Mark Codner and Eric Nielsen remember sharing the field with Frost like it was yesterday.

"We grew up in it. We did not realize how good Scott was at that time. We knew he was good. Looking back at it it's like holy cow we were part of something special,” Nielsen said.

Both men say he is the perfect match to take Nebraska football to the next level.

"I think he can, I mean look what he did with down in Florida and you know with Oregon and everything. He has some of the best coaches he has worked with,” Codner said.

His high school teammates said he was always willing to help others on and off the field.

"That's just the way he is. He wears his heart on his sleeve. You know he’s a hard worker, he always has been and his players see that and they love him for that,” Nielsen said.

Turning the pages through Wood River High Schools yearbook, one of his teachers said he was dedicated in the classroom, too.

"He received a B in one of my classes. I taught biology and he was real concerned of course and of course Larry and Carol were real concerned about his grades and he worked really hard to get that grade up back to an A,” said former teacher Peg Heise.

The compliments did not stop there as Ben Egger, his former teacher, had only good things to say about Frost.

"Well prepared, always polite, always on time, always serious in class. Same way as he was on the football field, same way he'll be as the head coach for the University of Nebraska,” Egger said.

Both of his teammates believe that it will take him a few years to build the Nebraska program up again and have no doubt he will get it done.

They both say this is a great time in history for their small town of Wood River.