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Lincoln Police Department's 9 PM Routine

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

Lincoln Police released a video that explains what you should do every night before you go to bed. 

The Lincoln Police Department's new initiative called the 9 PM Routine to remind you that before you go to bed at night to lock up all of your valuables. Lincoln has seen several cases recently where vehicles are broken into and guns stolen, or people going thru unlocked garage doors to break into a home. 

"Bring in anything of value out of their vehicle to lock the car door to make sure that the garage door is shut," says Captain Mike Fehringer of the Lincoln Police Department "and to make sure their door and windows to their house are locked."

Every night, a little before 9, the Lincoln Police send out a tweet as a reminder to do your 9 PM Routine. This initiative was started in Pascoe County Florida, and they saw a 36% reduction in break-ins.

"A lot of times you know their just going from car to car shining a light in there seeing is it worth me going in there or not," added Capt. Fehringer "and if they don't see anything in there the doors locked more than likely they are going to move onto the next car."

Obviously any car can be broken into, but police say try and make your house, and car less desirable to a thief.

"Sometimes you get lucky and all they do is take 4 dollars of change out of your car. Sometime when you leave your keys in your car and you leave your doors unlocked it ends up in Holmes Lake," commented Capt. Fehringer. 

Something we saw earlier this week, when someone stole a pickup truck because the keys were inside the truck and took the truck to Holmes Lake. 

Follow Lincoln Police on twitter,, and watch this video that the Lincoln Police Department produced, to get more informed about the 9 PM Routine. 

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