Snow and negative degree wind chills aren't going to stop Kristina Myint from running.

        The Lincoln native is training to run 190 miles from Lincoln to Des Moines this June and she's doing it in just seven days – all for a good cause.

        "I'm fortunate enough to come out and do this. People with MS don't get a choice; they have to live with it every day," Myint said.

        Myint is running as part of the MS runs the U.S. relay race.

        It's an annual event where runners from across the country run from Los Angeles to New York City all to raise money and awareness about multiple sclerosis — an autoimmune disease that damages nerve cells in the brain and spinal chord.

        It can cause severe pain, blindness, and many other problems.

        For Myint the run is personal a close friend suffers from the disease, so the pain of running almost 200 miles in just a week pales in comparison to the pain of living with ms.

        "The realization that people with MS live with it every day and I'm living with it for that moment and as soon as I'm done it goes away, well people that have MS it doesn't work that way," she said.

        This isn't the first time Myint has run that kind of mileage.

        In 2016 she ran 313 miles to raise awareness for the disease.

        The experience was so life changing she decided to do it again this year, but before she sets out she has to raise a lot of money.

        "The relay runners will raise at least 10,000 I've set my own personal goal at 15,000. I raised 12,000 a few years ago and I want to beat that goal again this year," said Myint.

        Myint hopes the run will help inform more people about the disease and eventually lead to a cure.

        All the money Myint raises goes directly to research for multiple sclerosis. If you'd like more information or to donate click here.