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UPDATE: Veteran, shooting range owner says to never shoot others, even with vests

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Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office responded to reports of a gunshot wound Saturday afternoon.

What they found was a teen who was shot in the behind.

Sheriff Terry Wagner says two 19 year olds and an 18 year old had a .22 caliber rifle and an old Vietnam War era–flak vest in a cabin near Branched Oak Lake.

They were going to test out the vest.

"They had shot this vest a couple of times before to determine that it would stop a .22 caliber bullet. The 19 year old who was firing the weapon missed the bullet and shot the victim in his buttocks,” Wagner said.

The teen went to the hospital with non- lifethreatening injuries.

James Clark, owner of Big Shots Indoor Shooting Range says he got extremely lucky.

"Those vests were designed for flak, small pieces of metal flying through the air to give them some kind of protection against those objects. They were never meant to stop a bullet,” Clark said.

If the shooter had hit the vest, and it didn't stop the bullet, he said the injuries would have been extensive.

"These rounds here are coming out of the barrel at 260 feet per second, that's very fast and .22's albeit small, when they get into the body they will bounce around,” Clark said.

Clark said the difference between bullet proof vests and flak vests is huge.

Bullet proof vests are solid, whereas flak vests are filled with a heavy sand material.

But even with a vest that's actually meant to stop bullets, you should never test it on a human.

"I spent over 20 years in the military and even overseas when guys are bored and stressed out, you would never find anybody shooting his buddy to see if his vest works, you just hope and pray it works,” Clark said.

Deputies are still reviewing what happened to decide if any charges will be filed against the teens.

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