It's the disturbing video circulating social media that's been seen more than 16,000 times.

        A Culler Middle School student pushing another girl down in the middle of Vine Street.

        We spoke to the mother of the victim who says this is not the first time her daughter has been a target. "Came home from school and was crying because she didn't understand why all the sudden why this was happening and why this little girl was being so mean to her," said Amanda Price.

        Price says she's gone to Culler Middle School to speak with the principal on multiple occasions. She felt the school wasn't doing enough to help protect her daughter and the video shows it.

         "The girl walked up behind her grabber her by her book bag first then she grabbed her by her pony tail and threw her down in the street....Immediately after my child got up an SUV came down the exact same lane that my child was thrown into so she easily could have been hit by a car."

        We reached out to the mother of the other student involved, but she could not be reached for comment.

        I spoke with Lincoln Police who say the 12 year–old who pushed Price's daughter has been referred to the county attorney. The county attorney's office says the girl is facing third degree assault, which is a misdemeanor.  Police says Lincoln Public Schools took immediate action and suspended the girl for two days.

        LPD says that's the maximum the school can do since the incident happened off school grounds. Federal law prohibits LPS from commenting on punishments for students. However, Russ Uhing the director of student services for LPS says punishments vary based on the severity of the incident.

        "It is something that could possibly lead to a suspension and referral to student services and possibly more severe than that," said Uhing.

        Uhing says LPS takes the incident very seriously and will make any necessary changes to protect students, "We are going to examine what are some changes. 

        The victim's mother says her daughter will not be attending school there any longer.