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How Lincoln Public School Responds to Tragedy

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

Getting through tragedy can be tough for students, for many the day after what happened in Florida they may have a lot of questions that you can't answer. The Lincoln Public Schools crisis team explained some things you should go over with your kids, and some different ways to think about that conversation. 

"We don't have that answer we can't tell you why did this happen," said Ursula Vernon-Hansen the Facilitator of the Crisis Team "so we as teachers or school member have to be able to say we don't have all of those answers, the answers we do have though are these coping skills we can offer you."

When kids are dealing with a tragedy like with what happened in Florida there are many different ways they cope.  

"We meet with students we may do that individually or in a group format we work really hard to meet the needs of each student in terms of allowing them the time that they need," stated Vernon-Hansen "each student may grieve in a different way, and grief is fluid."

For situations like this, LPS has specific training for teachers so they can help student get through this time. 

"Teacher are trained in trauma training so they have that area of expertise and so they can open up that discussion," explain Vernon-Hansen "and start talking about what might be going on."

But the most important thing is how you talk to your child, and how you help your child get through moments like this. 

"Watch the news together so that you have the same information, you have the same," said Brenda Leggiadro who is the Supervisor of Student Services "you're getting the information from the same source and then you can talk together about what you saw, what you heard, how you're feeling."

"The most important thing that parents can do when they come home is if their child starts asking questions is to listen," added Vernon-Hansen 

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