Posted By: Pierce Georlett

Sen. Bob Krist who is running for Governor on the Democratic ticket has a lawsuit against him from a person in his own party.

A lawsuit within the Nebraska Democratic Party might keep a candidate off the ballot for Governor, Tyler Davis of Omaha, who is running for Governor has a lawsuit against Senator Bob Krist who is also running...

It says that Krist switched his party affiliation too late and should not be allowed on the ballot. The senator officially announced his switch to a Democrat from Independent on February 13th

"Who's going to change their political affiliation has to do so by the first Friday in December which of last year was, December 1st," says Davis "where he clearly made a switch after that date."

The Secretary of State already made a decision that Sen. Krist should be allowed on the ballot, but now the issue is being brought to the Nebraska Supreme Court

"Secretary of State just went with the superficial policy that they have had since 1998 rubber stamped it," stated Davis "and it and it was the easiest process to take with my objection, and that's what they did."

Sen. Bob Krist released a statement Friday on the lawsuit saying, "My lawyers are actively working on responding to this frivolous lawsuit. We expect a quick decision from the Court that we believe will uphold the Secretary of State's decision."

But even with the decision of the secretary of state it just doesn't sit well with Tyler Davis.

"You know why have rules? What's the point of having political parties if we aren't going to follow the rules, there really isn't any. And what's gonna stop candidates in the future to wait until the 11th hour to jump in these races," added Davis "With my valid legal question I have the right to have it answered."

Both Krist and Davis have to have a written response to the Supreme Court due by Monday, and the supreme court will then make their decision in the near future