31 high school girls involved with the Lincoln GOLD program we're honored Saturday night for helping to raise money for future college scholarships.

Gold stands for Girls Organization for Leadership and Development.

The program focuses on preparing young women for success.

"I can remember back in my college days how scary it was to start out. I feel like confident girls make better choices so I developed a program that would help them learn all kinds of things before they set foot on campus so that they are really prepared," said Lincoln GOLD founder Robin Netz.

Members of the organization learn important life skills and give back to the community.

A part of this event was a silent auction which raised around $60,000.

Every month or about every month we had two events. One of them was a leadership talk and we did things from talking about why it is important to surround yourself with good people to doing things about college involvement and why it's important and resume writing. Some of our different opportunities with volunteering were at Matt Talbot as well as Tabitha," said Anna Sump, a Junior at Lincoln High School.

Over the past two years 47 scholarships have been given out worth almost 100 thousand dollars.

Channel 8's own Megan Conway emceed the fundraiser.

If you want to to apply for a scholarship to get some of the 60 thousand dollars raised tonight visit: http://www.lincolngold.org/scholarships/