Students in Mrs. Webster's kindergarten class at Hamlow Elementary in Waverly participate in a daily share time.

        Everyone gathers in a circle and one-by-one they share a feeling or something happening in their lives.

        It's all part of the school's social emotional learning program.

        "Kids are able to recognize when they're having a feeling to cope wit that feeling appropriately and to get back in the moment with learning," said Kim Webster. 

        The program was implemented two years ago to help students deal with strong emotions.

        Every teacher in the school uses the program in their classrooms, but the lessons differ depending on the age of the students.

        So how does the program work? By teaching kids how to recognize and deal with emotions...sort of like problem solving for feeling.

        School counselor Ashley Hergott says since social emotional learning has been taught, students have changed dramatically and not just in their ability to deal with emotions, "We have seen a big change also in their academics so we're seeing what we're teaching them transfer over to their reading to their writing."

        Hergott, along with teachers and school administrators, have noticed the changes in students.

        The skills students are being taught they're taking and applying to everyday life.

        "It changes me to be a good listener and following directions the first time," said first grader Mackenzie Viek.

        The kids love the program so much they're encouraging other schools to participate also

        "If they didn't have the right time to have the feelings they wouldn't know what to do to help their feelings to calm down," said Presley Thewke, who's also a first grader at Hamlow.

        Several other schools also have social emotional learning programs in place, including Lincoln Public Schools.