Posted By: Pierce Georlett

On Tuesday the Nebraska budget passed the first round of three rounds in the Nebraska legislation, and on Wednesday at the Country Club of Lincoln Governor Pete Ricketts talked about what he thought about the budget plan.

"Obviously I recommended higher cuts but we got to continue to restrain spending so we need to be mindful of that, as we go forward," said Gov. Ricketts. 

A big piece of that budget that is being talked about is the Title X spending that is still in the state budget. However, Tuesday night, Senator's passed a plan that would not give funding to any clinic that provides or refers for abortions, and that's all Title X providers.

It's important to note tax dollars do not go towards abortions, but they do help pay for other services for instance like tests, prenatal care and birth control.

"But also the Title X language remain in the budget," commented Ricketts "and that's important to make sure our title x dollars are not going to abortion clinics so that was a good piece of news."

The bit of controversy on the Title X portion of the Nebraskan budget is that thousands will be losing their health care because of the defunding, but Governor Ricketts quickly shot that down.

"Again the people that are making that argument are really just trying to be disingenuous," says Gov. Ricketts "the same amount of dollars will be spent in Nebraska before this title x language in the budget and the same dollars will be spent after this again anybody can apply the dollars. They are not going to go abortion clinics and it's not going to go to subsidizing abortion but all of these dollars will be spent taking care of people's health care needs."

Some worry the budget bill also calls for taking some money from the state's rainy day fund, but the governor says that's partially why it's there.

The budget bill still has two more rounds of voting to go and then it can get to Governor Ricketts