Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

According to a job placement company in Chicago just over 2 billion dollars is lost in productivity because of March Madness, but a local law firm is embracing that lost productivity

Thursday is the official start of the March Madness tournament, which means people might not be focusing on their work as much.

"Morale is super high, productivity is super low," said Jaydon Pence an Associate Attorney. 

Lincoln law firm, Rembolt and Ludtke is just one of the many businesses to open their doors to have a company wide March Madness watch party

"We decided to do this about two years ago you have all of the businesses in town that talk about their employees spending time on March Madness and we decided to capitalize on that," says Brian Kruse a Managing Partner

With the two day long March Madness watch party the employees at Rembolt and Ludtke law firm are very appreciative of the support from the bosses

"I'm appreciative that I got to be at a firm that understands that today is a day that productivity is not going to be high," added Pence "and supports that and welcomes everybody to goof and enjoy it together."

Even the bosses know how big of a deal this can be to their workers

"We recognize that there is a value here," added Kruse "it's not just work, work, work, that we do these fun events they get to participate and it's certainly, I think it's valuable."