By: Channel 8 Eyewitness Newsroom

Sophomore Quarterback Patrick O'Brien officially announced that he will be transferring from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  His request was accepted and granted Husker Head Coach Scott Frost. 

O'Brien posted the following statement on Twitter: 

I would like to announce that I have been granted my release from the University of Nebraska.  I am so incredibly blessed with being able to spend the past two and a half years at this university. I have created amazing relationships with people that will last a lifetime and I'm so appreciative of all the support I have received during my time here.  I want to thank Coach Frost and all of his staff the short time I spent with them was great and I learned a lot but it just wasn't the right fit.  I want to also thank Coach Riley and Coach Langsdorf as they were the first ones to offer me a scholarship and to allow me to come to such a special school. I will always be a supporter of Nebraska football and that will last a lifetime. I want to thank the fans for making my experience here so awesome, you have been so supportive and words can't describe how thankful I am.  I loved every moment I spent at this school and will cherish it for a lifetime. I now will move on to a new school as I look to continue my football career.