Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

53-year-old Bryn Rusco and 54-year-old Charles Hellbusch were arrested for burglary in relation to the more than 70 copper pipe thefts in Lincoln since August. 

Rusco had been developed as a suspect and Investigators confirmed his involvement over the past month.

Thursday morning, surveillance confirmed both suspects had entered a hole in the perimeter fence around the facility at 4611 W Adams Street.

Both men entered the business and officers surrounded the building. Approximately 30 minutes later both men were arrested. There was $400 worth of copper piping that the men had removed while inside the business.

The investigation is ongoing to determine how many burglaries they were involved in.

 LPD Investigators received tips and spoke to several scrap metal recycling facilities. They were able to develop several suspects believed to be involved in the burglaries.

Three arrests have now been made so far, but police are still looking for information, if you know anything about these crimes please call police at 402-441-6000.