The broken T.V.that's been sitting in your basement for years or the record player that's collecting dust,  people had the chance to get rid of Sunday morning.

"Computers, tablets, monitors, laptops cell phones, all kinds of stuff," said Jack Doerr, the President of Nebraska Recycling.

Nebraska Recycles partnered with First Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln to host an electronics recycling event.

It gave people like Mike Flowers a chance to dump some of his outdated gear, "I brought out some old photo and video equipment, some old batteries, an old printer a record player, some slide projectors...things that had been sitting around for a long time in an old house that just needed to go."

Aside from just clearing out their closets, participants also got a clear conscience.

Many of the old items are recycled and have new life breathed into them.

"They're demanufactured and then the metals and stuff and used to make them go off to be reused and make new items," Doerr said.

Nebraska Recycles holds events like these across the city throughout the year.

Everything except microwaves and large T.V.'s were free to recycle.

The small fee for the bigger items went back to the church.

Keeping items out of the dumpster and helping a local group convinced some people to part with their old items.

"I don't want those things to be sitting in a landfill and that's why I've been hanging onto them for as long as I have. Then I was on Facebook and saw they were doing it here at the church and thought it would be a great opportunity to get rid of some stuff," Flowers said. 

If you have electronics you want to get rid of you still have a chance.

The next recycling event will be on April 28th at UNL Innovation Campus from 9 a.m. until noon.