Posted By: Rachael Miner

Two democratic candidates will face off for the first district congressional seat currently held by republican incumbent Jeff Fortenberry.

He's held the seat since 2005.

Democrats Dennis Crawford and Jessica McClure will challenge Fortenberry for his seat, but a democrat has not held the first district seat since 1967.

McClure is a Lincoln native who's a former chemist and lawyer.

She decided to run and make healthcare her platform, "I would make sure we have universal coverage for health insurance for Nebraskans. A way for everybody to buy affordable health insurance."

Other issues of importance for McClure supporting working families and creating renewable energy.

Also running on the healthcare platform is Dennis Crawford.

Crawford has run for the seat previously and lost. He wanted to run again because of the current healthcare debate.

"The capitalist system doesn't provide adequate healthcare security. Millions of people are uninsured, so in this instance government needs to step in and help insure people through my Medicare Medicaid buying for all system," Crawford said.

Crawford also wants to increase the federal minimum wage and invest in renewable energy.

The winner of the two democratic candidates will face off Fortenberry in the November election.

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