Posted By: Pierce Georlett

With the election around the corner, here's a reminder on where you can vote, and how you can vote.

The Nebraska primaries are on May 15th, and for some the vote is something to look past, but officials want you to know this day could end up being very important.

"Well you know primaries are important in many ways because the parties are actually nominating their candidates for the November election," says Lancaster County Election Commissioner David Shively "so these races that are partisan that's important to nominate your governor candidate, you senatorial candidate, you congressional candidates, and other state wide offices."

If you didn't register for the primary election there is still another chance for you to get your vote in.

"They can still go to their new polling place and vote on election day they will vote on what they call provisional ballot, so that's still available for them," said Shively.

Also if you don't know where you need to go to vote, finding out is really easy and simple to do.

"If their uncertain where their polling location is you know I would get on our website right now and type in their address for the voter view," added Shively "look up your polling place and they can just type in their address and it will tell them where their polling place is."

The election office also wants to remind voters, when you are voting, please turn off your phones, take off any campaigning materials, and do your research on the candidates.

If you want to find out where you need to go here is the website with the all of the information that you may need,