Posted by: Alden German

On a hot day in may, hundreds of families gathered on the hill beside Fredstrom elementary school to watch their children sing and dance. It's an event so special they do it only once ever three years; the Dance on the Green. It's been a Fredstrom elementary tradition for 35 years.

All 500 students get involved, from kindergarten to the fifth grade,

"Yeah it's really cool. I like how you can see all of the traditional dances," said Alya Brosman, a fifth grader at Fredstrom. "The Maypole is super fun, and then I also like seeing all the other dances and how the colors - so it's really cool."
The event is designed to educate the children about traditional music and dance from other cultures around the world. 

"The Maypole Dance is from England, and I'm not sure where The Land of a Thousand Dances - I know that those kind of dances were popular in the 60s," said Max Kleppinger, a fifth grader. 

Students and staff have been hard at work since the start of the year, and it paid off with a successful performance.

"Fortunately it fits very well into the curriculum. Every dance that we did today we practiced in the classrooms," said Justin Brookens, the music teacher at Fredstrom. "We were fortunate enough to have some beautiful weather yet today and this week so we were able to practice outside during music classes."

The event also collected food to donate to the Lincoln Food Bank. Two large barrels of food were collected.