Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

It's time to cast your ballot.

Voters across the state and here in Lincoln are taking part in today's primary election.

Some of the big races are for governor and U.S. Senate and house.

Channel 8's Nolan Crane has been monitoring voter turnout. 

Rod and Megan, I talked with the Lancaster county election commissioner and he expects voter turnout to be at around 25 percent, which translates to 47–thousand voters.

Looking at early numbers from precincts people have voted in about 50 precincts that report to us both at 9 o'clock and again at 1 o'clock I think we're going to be pretty close to that number," said Lancaster County Election Commissioner David Schively.

People are still showing up to cast their votes but Schively say's one third of the turnout 15–thousand people here in Lancaster county will be from people who filled out their absentee ballots ahead of time.

Fellow voters say regardless who you vote for it's important to participate, especially in local elections.

Voter Linda Stevenson said, "There's more impact on our day to day life on the lower levels. Whether it's the public service commissioner or definitely the governor or senators and representatives."

The election commissioner says a voter turnout of 25 percent for a primary is average in our county.

The last time there was a bigger increase was back in 2010.

That year voters passed a bond issue to build pinnacle bank arena.

If you have not yet voted but want too, the polling places will close at 8 o'clock tonight.