If the walls at Northeast Elementary School in Kearney could talk, they'd have a lot to say before being torn down and remodeled.

Former and current students, faculty and parents are writing messages of memories, thank you notes and drawings on the walls which will be torn down.

"Thank you for the memories Northeast", "You got me where I am today" and "I will miss you" are some of the notes left behind on the walls of the media center.

"I just saw the advertisement on Facebook and thought it'd be neat to see the library and this area before they change it. I have a lot of good memories here so I wanted to come take one last look," said former student Spencer Hansen who attended the school at Northeast from 1989 to 1993.

Two teens who met in kindergarten at the school writing "lifelong best friends" on the walls which brought them together.

"I think that's probably the best memory that came from this school," said former student who met her best friend in kindergarten Jayden Hove.

"Yeah we've been really close since elementary," said another former student who met her best friend in kindergarten Gabby Post.

Three women still friends after working together for over a decade.

"We helped each other through everything so we are blessed to have each other as well as the school," said former teacher who taught for 16 years Judy Falk.

"We are just so happy that Kearney Public is continuing to build and keep all of these schools up," said former teacher who taught for 24 years Judy Shield.

"And we always enjoy seeing our former students," said former teacher who taught for 39 years Kay Andersen.

The renovations and addition on the school will be fully completed by August 2019.