Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

Today the group Leadership Lincoln held a forum open to the public, it was to discuss how to prevent mass violence here.

On Wednesday afternoon community members and leaders got together to discuss mass violence, and how to prevent it here in Lincoln

"Following the events in Parkland, Florida I thought it would be great to have a community discussion where we could receive input and perspective from all the different people that are representing Leadership Lincoln," said Chief of the Lincoln Police Department Jeff Bliemeister. 

Everyone broke out into small groups for further discussions, and those community leaders wanted to hear the public's ideas and concerns.

"I look at the audience here, the audience is really representative of so many aspects of our community," Charlotte Burke from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department "and it's great to be able to have so many people who represent different pieces of our community to come together to talk about this issue."

The conversations about mass violence did not only involve gun violence, but rather all kinds violence that we can prevent.

"This isn't about gun violence. Specifically it's about violence that overlaps into our lives," said Denise Bulling, Senior Research Director for the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center "targeted violence, things like domestic violence mass shooting are one kind violence."

The hope is that conversations and forums like this can better the city of Lincoln to prevent future incidents.

"This is going to require time that requires a culture change. We as citizens in our community are really becoming intolerant of this so what can we do to affect the change that needs to be made."

The other big point that came from this is that you should always let Lincoln police know if you find anything suspicious, it's one of the many steps to preventing any type of mass violence.