Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

For Husker fans, some football moments are hard to forget. The loss to BYU is still on the minds of many.

Three seasons ago heartbreak occurred at Memorial Stadium all due to one Quarterback.

For some Huskers fans they got their revenge in today's 5K.
Mike Riley's First game as Head Coach didn't go as planned because of BYU's Quarterback Tanner Mangum, and now he's back.
"It's been three years so the memory might be a little hazy but last play of the game one second to go on the 42 yard line," said BYU Quarterback Tanner Mangum "I mean didn't do much I just had to roll out right and just kinda throw it up there."
Two cougars, Tanner Mangum and Matt Hadley came back to Lincoln this morning for an unusual 5k event called Catch the Cougar.
"The BYU football department has been so gracious we just emailed them on a whim, and said 'Hey we have this crazy idea we want to be. It's called, catch a cougar.' And the department at there said 'yea we'll kinda look into that and see what we can do and basically they said you know what we're gonna send you out Tanner Mangum and Matt Hadley who both play in the game," said Aaron Robinson the event organizer. 

Also in attendance were former Huskers Trey Foster and Spencer Lindsay.

They came out to the 5k to help raise money so a student from Lincoln can have a scholarship to attend BYU.

For Tanner helping out a future Cougar is important to him.
"It's means a lot to be able to help people out," says Mangum "Even if it's just one person. Or a few just to be able to help make an impact in their lives is a blessing, and being able to contribute to that in a small way it means a lot."
While Tanner's memory of the play might be a little hazy he remembers what Game day feels like at Memorial Stadium.
"90,000 fans in that stadium, in Memorial Stadium it's a beautiful stadium, and the fan are loud, I mean there were plays where I was trying to yell the cadence trying to yell the play, and I could hardly hear myself, but at the same time respectful," stated Mangum. 
But for the former Husker players the memory of losing to BYU still hurts.
"Not yet. Buy maybe in the future for sure," says Lindsay. 

While a lot of Huskers fans hearts still might be broken, one things for sure this was the step in the right direction