UPDATE:  Lincoln Police have released the named of the man who died after suspected carbon monoxide exposure.  Ruben "Javier" Moreno Campos, 57, died Wednesday in the hospital after being exposed to a high level of carbon monoxide.


Posted By: Rachael Miner


Lincoln Fire and Rescue was called to a mobile home near 37th and Cornhusker around 3:30 Wednesday morning.

A man had been feeling ill and then became unconscious.

While LFR was treating the 56 year–old man a device they carry with them began sounding.

"A year ago we acquired a number of these devices they're small portable carbon monoxide detectors that the firefighters carry on their medical equipment," said LFR Chief Michael Despain.

The portable carbon monoxide detectors indicated unusually high levels of the toxic gas.

LFR evacuated the victim and three other family members, including a four year-old-child.

Everyone was transported to the hospital and that's where the 56–year old man died.

Blackhills Energy came to the home to shut natural gas off and that's when they found the source of the leak.

"The technician found the hot water heater was not venting properly. The aluminum vent was disconnected which caused the exhaust to circulate back into the home," said Officer Angela Sands.

While the three family members are still in the hospital recovering, they will not have a home to return to because it's still not safe.

"The property is going to need to be vacated and cannot be occupied until such time as the repairs to the plumbing fixtures and the property," said Sean Stewart, the chief inspector for Lincoln Building and Safety.

The home did not have any working carbon monoxide detectors, which would have alerted the family to the high levels of the gas.

LFR stressed the importance of having working carbon monoxide detectors on every floor.

Emergency crews responded to a call at a trailer court on 37th Street and Cornhusker Highway shortly after 3:15 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Four people were transported to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak was detected in the home. 

Lincoln Police say an adult male has died. 

The other three people in the hospital are in fair condition. 

This is a developing story.