Posted By: Pierce Georlett

A historic bust of 118 pounds of fentanyl on I-80, and now a division of drug enforcement will be centered here in Nebraska.
On April 26th was Nebraska's biggest fentanyl drug seizure. The drug bust had 118 pounds of fentanyl, and now the two drivers of the truck are being charged.
"Nicolas Nunez-Acosta age 52, Felipe Minaya age 47 are both charged with possession of fentanyl are both charged with possession of fentanyl," says Joe Kelly U.S. Attorney for Nebraska "with intent to distribute that Is punishable by minimum of 10 years in prison and up to life in prison additionally a 10 million dollar fine."
On Thursday government officials came together to celebrate the seizure of a drug, which has been described as being 500 times more deadly than heroin.
"I just want to emphasize the great work the Nebraska state patrol is doing in keeping people safe by taking 118 lbs of fentanyl out of circulation they are saving lives," says Gov. Pete Ricketts.
This bust though is a smaller part of a bigger opioid drug problem across the country, Mary Daley, who is the US opioid coordinator in Washington, was at the news conference.
"The deadliest drug epidemic in the history of our country," said Daley "in 2016, there were 64,000 drug overdoes deaths, and we expect that number to be higher in 2017."
In the bigger picture of this bust, is the affect it has on  slowing down the distribute around the country.
"Seizure here well not necessarily destined for here, has a massive ripple on that location that it was going to be destined to I mean you're talking a quantity that could be attributed if put out the street of pure fentanyl tens of millions of deaths," commented Robert Patterson the Acting Administrator of the DEA
So now in response to this drug seizure, and the multiple drug busts that have happened this year, comes the establishment by the Drug Enforcement Agency of the Omaha Field Division.

This is the 23rd DEA division office in the United States, and they will cover drug busts in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas.
This new office will be up and running on July 1st. Also, the two fentanyl suspects will be in federal court in Lincoln tomorrow.