On Thursday night, gamers got to take part in a tournament hosted by Reflex Gaming Center, near 48th and R streets.

Reflex co–owner Elijah Carpenter said the gaming center provides players a more social environment to play in.

"Just the competitive nature of looking at the guy next to you is a lot more intense than sitting there, staring at your screen at home," Carpenter said.

The game they're playing is Super Smash Bros 4, a multiplayer fighting game where players try to knock each other out of the arena.  It's just one of the four main games Reflex hosts tournaments for and one of six gaming events they host every month.

Reflex was established in early 2017, one of several efforts to give Lincoln a social gaming community.

"It's nice to know that there's...a lot of people in town that have...the same aspect of....competitiveness in terms of games like Smash Bros or Street Fighter, sometimes even Call of Duty," said gamer Conner McConnell.

Reflex also has a wide array of platforms to play on, like the Wii U, Xbox, Playstation, classic platforms and even virtual reality.

Thursday night's event is relatively small compared to the large Smash Bros tournament they're hosting this Saturday, with winners getting cash prizes or giveaways.  They're expecting as many as 30 players to come, including some from other states.

And they *still* would like to see more people to join.

"The more we grow, it's better for everybody, really," Carpenter said.  "The environment here, like I said, it gets people out of their house to come and do something as a group."

For any more information about Reflex or the schedule of tournaments, you can check out their website at: https://www.reflexgamingcenter.com/

-or- their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/reflexgamingcenter/about/?ref=page_internal