Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

Jensen Park is by 84th and Yankee hill road, it's by the new YMCA and Moore Middle School and will soon become one of Lincolns biggest parks.
"As that's developed in the future it's gonna become one of the significant parks in Lincoln," said Lynn Johnson the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Director. 
Jensen Park will hold around 12 baseball fields just like this one, 6 to 8 soccer fields, 32 pickle ball courts, a playground, a walking trail, and most likely a cross country path when the project is all done and finished. 
"The overall site there was 200 acres, we sold," said Johnson "or we transferred over ownership of about 40 acres to Lincoln Public Schools and the YMCA, for Moore Middle School and for Copple YMCA. So that total site today is about 160 acres."
The cost of the park though will make a dent in the city's budget.
"We don't have a specific cost estimate for the entire build out at this point," added Johnson "the fields that are under construction out there are about 350 thousand dollars, for the two of them just to guess ultimately the park might be in the 20 million dollar range or so, and it's something that will happen incrementally in phases over time."
But the special part of this park is the developmental team of the whole city.
"We did something kinda similar to this at Denser Park in the early 2000s," said Johnson "the school was not a part of that ideally South West High School could have been a part of that project but this really gives us an opportunity to put those, the schools, the YMCA, and Parks together."
Now their under construction but in the next couple of months it will become one of Lincoln's biggest parks.