Posted By: Alden German

The People's City Mission is asking for the public's help now that the weather has gotten so hot. They're even looking for those willing to volunteer.

Of important need is water and clothing.

"Definitely bottled water is a huge need right now, as well as light-weight clothing, more summer-style clothing that we can give out to people who may not have those items," said Art Wilson of the People's City Mission.

Donations can be made to their main location at 110 Q Street or their Help Center at 68th and Q. New or used clothes are acceptable.

The Mission also wants to raise awareness about children who don't have a home, especially during the summertime.

"Children are the highest growing demographic of homeless people here in America," Wilson said. "For every, say, one person who is homeless that becomes homeless and has children there may be two to three children, maybe even more."

Anywhere from 50 to 75 young kids are housed with them every night. The Mission says they try to keep the kids occupied with events throughout the summer, such as visits to the zoo or birthday parties.

If someone wants to volunteer their time to assist with child care, they can be contacted for more information. Everyone who offers to work with children go through a background check before approval.