Posted By: Pierce Georlett

What seemed to be the whole town of Pickrell came out to honor the over 100 veterans that have served in the military.

This newly built Memorial Park holds the names of Pickrell residents that have fought in a war.

"We're having a dedication for the memorials here and all of the local veterans we got a lot of them on the wall," said U.S. Navy Veteran Larry Remmers. 

Veterans like Leon Deunk say this type of dedication to our soldiers is long over due.

"Back in the days of when I served when the Vietnam War veterans came back and they were no honored back at all they were spit on and everything else. So it's good to see what they are doing for some of the veterans who served at that time," said Deunk. 

In a special part of the park you will find a bench with 11 similar names.

Orville Weber and his 9 brothers, and one brother in law have a whole bench in the Memorial Park dedicated to the family.

"Well I was going to put my name on that wall over there, when I came over here," said Weber "but I said why would I put my name on there when all of my brothers aren't able to it, so I made arrangements to put all the names on there."

What this new park means for Micheal Comer, a U.S. Army veteran, is a new way to remember all of his friends who gave their lives.

"Makes you think back you when I was young, yea we use to run around together a lot of them, and raise a little heck," said Comer. 

The whole town of Pickrell came out to honor all of those who gave their lives, and the veterans here in attendance are grateful for this new park.

"It's my whole world," added Comer "I mean that's us. United States of America pretty simple if you fought underneath the flag."

While this is the only time they will ever do this dedication, one thing is for sure that the whole town of Pickrell will get behind this Memorial Park.