Posted By: Rachael Miner

It was just another Sunday afternoon of riding bikes for the Yates kids, but then it took a dangerous turn.

Eight–year–old Lastara was struck by a car while riding at the intersection of North 31st and Fair Streets.

"My sister was crossing the road this way and the car swerved and the bike fell over her and she went flying to straight back on the curve and everything," said Izaiah Yates, Lastara's older brother.

Izaiah watched the accident happen then ran to get help.

The driver of the vehicle did stop, but Lastara's grandma says she's not the first kid to get hit by a car in the neighborhood, "It was scary to know that all these kids are crossing the street all the time and she was riding her bike and she got hit and she's been in ICU," said Kelly Yates.

Lastara was transported to the hospital where she is still in the intensive care unit.

According to her grandma she has some internal bleeding and just got a cast put on her right leg.

The 8-year-old is expected to be O.K., but the family wants something to be done to slow down drivers in the neighborhood.

"People need to slow down and think about what they're doing and watch for children, especially in the summer we have all these kids out here playing," said Kelly. 

They're asking for a stop sign or traffic light to be placed along fair street to slow drivers down.

I reached out to Lincoln Police who say the intersection of 31st and Fair Street is not an intersection where accidents are common.

The driver of the car who hit the little girl was not cited.

LPD says the girl darted out in front of the car, the family felt the driver was in the wrong.

The family says, accidents or not something needs to be done, "I don't want to see this happen to another kid again, it's happened so many times."