Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

Lincoln Police Department's canine officers search, chase, protect and so much more.

But for the last ten years, they haven't had a place to call home.

Not anymore. A new canine facility located northwest of the airport will be ready for action. 

Captain of the canine unit, Danny Reitan said the facility will offer several advantages LPD and LSO's seven canine teams don't have right now.

"To be able to house all of our equipment," Reitan said. "We will be able to house dog if the handler goes on vacation, right now they keep them at home and if they leave for any reason they have to find a place for the dog to go, there's training space, and we could even bring in more trainings than are offered locally." 

There's also a room with a commercial dog washing station, so handlers no longer have to do it in an LPD garage or in their homes. There's a dog food preparation area, officer space and an enclosed outdoor training area. 

We'll have basically an eight-foot fence with locked gate so only dogs and handlers can get in and be able to focus on training, right now we do it in public spaces, we try to be isolated but people can still walk into the area and the training may have to stop to prevent an accidents from occurring," Reitan said.

The canine teams spend one day a week just on training, and Reitan said the handlers are excited to spend it here.

"This is a big investment into the canine program, just having a place they can come back to," he said. 

Reitan said the $550,000 facility didn't require any new tax dollars. 

"It's cooperative funding between the Lincoln Police Department, the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office and the Lincoln Lancaster County Drug board," Reitan said. "And our wonderful donors."