An explosive line of storms moved across the region last night.

Today, people are still cleaning up.

The storm battered Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa with hail, heavy winds and rain.

In addition, a handful of tornado touchdowns were reported.

On Interstate 29 in Iowa hurricane–like winds were reported, leaving many semi–trucks overturned.

There were widespread reports of downed power lines, tree limbs and damage to structures.

One man discusses what he and his wife had to do to stay safe.

"In the house, my wife ended up taking off to the basement and I was in the garage because the wind was so strong that I had my back up against it because I thought it was going to blow it in."

Throughout Monday evening, the Omaha Power District reported about 1,800 customers without power.

Hail the size of golf balls was reported in the Gretna area, and even larger hail was reported in Johnson county Nebraska.