Posted By: Rachael Miner

"You're going to have a motorcycle escort out of town,: "Oh Boy!" said Paul Walton, a World War II veteran. 

It's a send off fit for a king or a veteran in this case.

World War II veteran Sidney Walton met with Governor Ricketts earlier this week and Wednesday afternoon he left the Capitol City officially kicking off his four day tour of the state.

Dozens of local bikers gathered to escort Walton to his next stop, Hastings.

"For us this is just a drop in the hat, we need to take the time to honor this guy and what he did for our country," said Nebraska Rider Glen Shriner. 

Walton is visiting every state capitol as part of a no regrets tour.

Nebraska is the veteran's eighth stop and he has no plans of slowing down.

Bikers from all over Nebraska showed up to create an honor ride for the 99-year-old veteran.

For many of the bikers meeting Walton was an emotional experience.

"When I met him he reminded me so much of my grandfather who was a World War II veteran, like my brother said it was kind of a teary moment," said Nebraska Rider Jamie Shriner. 

Glen Shriner from the Nebraska riders helped organize the ride.

He says the biker community will always come out to support a veteran, especially one as important as Walton, "When you say veteran you best believe that they're going to come strong and support that vet."

While in Nebraska the veteran will make stops in Hasting, Grand Island, Kearney, Sidney, and Fremont.

He plans to visit all 50 states before his 100 birth next February, which is when he will meet with President Trump.