Posted By: Alden German

Several Lincoln businesses came together Wednesday to discuss how they can help the community. The event was held by VolunteerLinc, an organization dedicated to working with local non-profits.

VolunteerLinc aims to broadcast future volunteer events to the public for those who want to get involved.

"We basically connect people's passions with the community needs," says Randy Hawthorne of VolunteerLinc.

For over 20 years they have worked to make volunteering opportunities more well known to the community. The city is evolving and changing, so the needs of the community do as well.

VolunteerLinc also helps local businesses focus their assets to where they can benefit the most. It's also an opportunity to get students involved.

"We have students who want to learn skills and I often tell them this is a way for you to volunteer your way into work," Hawthorne said.

As for the businesses involved, it's a way to not only use their resources to help, but allows their employees to do more than just sit behind a desk.

"I think when we come together and collaborate we can make our community even better because at the end of the day it's not about slapping our logo on everything we're doing," said Brooke Jensen of Lincoln-based Hudl. "We truly want to make an impact."

VolunteerLinc works with over 300 local non-profits and has a list of hundreds of different events happening throughout the year. Visit their website at to see them.