Brad Walburn has been a respiratory therapist for more than 30 years.

He says he's seen what it does to oxygen users when their tanks get low.

"Every time you run out, the brain's not getting oxygen still," Walburn said.  "There's organ shut downs, there's CHF fluid in the heart, there's dementia, there's blindness."

So he developed a device called Oxylarm.  It measures the oxygen liter flow moving through a user's tubes.

Walburn says he came up with the idea 10 years ago and it became FDA approved a month ago.

The device straps to an oxygen tank.  After connecting it to the supply tubes, you simply set it to the prescribed liter flow.

If the oxygen liter flow gets lower than prescribed, the device starts beeping.  After 55 seconds of that, an alarm goes off, indicating there's 3 minutes for you or a caregiver to change or refill the tank.

Walburn says time is crucial and that he's heard stories from people who didn't know their loved ones were running out of oxygen until it was almost too late.

He says he has 500 Oxylarm devices available for purchase right away.  They'll also be available in a few weeks through ALCO sales and Direct Supply.

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