Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News

All across the Lincoln Children's Zoo you find kiddos and animal admirers finding ways to stay cool, from sitting in the shade to jumping through cold mists of water.

But they're not the only ones trying to beat the heat. The more than 300 animals that call the zoo home can be found doing the same, for both their comfort and safety.
"We are really cautious with all the animals; we monitor them all the time and the zookeepers check on them constantly," John Chapo, CEO and President of the Lincoln Children's Zoo said. 
But thanks to a lot of trees, Chapo said it's not hard to keep them comfortable.
"When you come into the zoo it seems like the temperature drops 10 degrees," Chapo said. "We've got this cool oasis here so when our guests come in the feel the breeze and a lot of shade and it's really good for our many legged animals too."
Chapo said every animal also always have the option to relax in an air conditioned enclosure.
"Penguins have air condition, snow leopards have air condition, red pandas have air condition," Chapo said. "They're pretty comfortable here at the Lincoln Children's Zoo!"