Posted By: Kennedy Stowater

Scott Pruitt stopped by Farm Bureau to do a round table with the leaders of agriculture in Nebraska. He focused on the new bill for Waters Of The United States.

The Trump administration is releasing the replacement of the definition of Waters Of The United States rule, also known as WOTUS.

"It's going to provide clarity to farmers and ranchers and folks all over the country with respect to how a federal jurisdiction begins and where it ends."

Pruitt said the old WOTUS Act treated farmers, ranchers and land owners not like partners, but adversaries.

Pruitt said Nebraska's waters should not be treated like other states because it's a local issue.

Governor Ricketts echoed Pruitt's remarks on how it is a state issue. He said the Trump administration has made a big impact on the EPA already.

Governor Ricketts says, "When the public can actually see what the language is that we'll see a common sense approach to how the federal government's going to respect states with regards to what we're doing with regards to environmental regulation, and stay within the meaning of the Clean Water Act."

Pruitt said 10 minutes after he was made EPA administrator he started working to make WOTUS better.

"The voice of farmers and ranchers across this country should be heard loud and clear because you're our first environmentalists, you're our first conservationists."

People on the round table said they were happy Pruitt acknowledged them as the first conservationists and environmentalists.