Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

Marco Ramirez, of Lincoln, was alseep in his apartment near 40th and Randolph Friday morning when he started hearing a lot of noise.

"I thought it was one of my roommates getting his soccer stuff or something like that," Ramirez said. "I suddenly heard somebody open my door."

Ramirez said he then walked out of his room to find out what was going on and he saw a man with a backpack running out of his apartment, but that's not all, he said.

"Then I turned around and there was another pointing a gun at me and pepper spray and told me to go inside and lock my door," Ramirez said.

A few minutes later, after deciding it was safe to leave, Ramirez called 911. Neither he nor his roommate were hurt. 

Officers responded, and tried to track the suspects with a canine officer, but said they weren't able to find them.

Ramirez said they got a good description and hopes they're caught soon.

"It was a white guy, tall long curly hair and he had a backpack and a blue baseball cap and the other guy was a light–skinned black guy kind of overweight and he had a white shirt and a blue backpack," he said.

Police don't yet know what the total loss is, but Ramirez said a TV, soccer equipment and car keys were taken.

The scare has him changing his locks, and hoping this never happens again.

"They got in through a door, it has a lock but they broke the window and opened the door... so we're putting in new locks and fixing the door that way it's more secure," he said. 

Randolph Elementary school is very close to this apartment building, LPS officials said the school was placed on "lock-out" for about 40 minutes because 50 summer school students were inside. 

They are no longer on lock-out and there's no immediate danger to area residents.