The Lincoln area has been in a heat advisory all Friday, but that's not stopping people from being outside for a big event.

Celebrate Lincoln started at 5 and it goes until 11. Although it's hot outside the temperatures aren't stopping people from having fun.

"I like to be outside in the heat," says Jennifer Reedy. "It doesn't really bother me." 

Jennifer isn't alone. The attendance here in the Lincoln Railyard has been growing all evening as different bands take the stage. Celebrate Lincoln is also taking place Saturday, June 16th and your allowed to bring one unopened bottle of water.

"Hydrate before you come and you know just be responsible and be smart and be mindful that there's a lot of people out here," says Reedy.

Employees with Matt Talbot spent several hours making sure people in downtown were safe with something to drink.

"Handing out waters, sunscreen, bug spray, some granola bars just to keep people hydrated, protected from the heat and sun and just explain to them that they get into a cool in they can and just stay hydrated as much as possible," says Rosie Newell.

Alan is one of several people they helped.

"I'm grateful for the people that came out and gave me some water," says Alan Varela.

The Salvation Army is also helping people in need stay safe. Thanks to this summers fan drive they have more than 300 fans to give out.

"We deal with a lot of elderly and low income where they don't have air conditioning," says Clarice Mackey. "If they do have an air conditioner sometimes it's a box window air conditioner, that doesn't cover the whole house."

Everyone I talked with say it doesn't matter if you stay at home or attend Celebrate Lincoln, remember the basics and keep water close by.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 16th is day two of Celebrate Lincoln in the Railyard. Admission cost $15. Event organizers expect a couple thousand people to attend.