By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News


KLIN morning radio host Jack Mitchell braved the heat today. He walked all around Lincoln for a good cause.

Mitchell said, "I want to raise some money for Mourning Hope, which is a network that helps grieving children here in Lincoln who've lost a loved one or a parent to a serious sickness."

A few years back Mitchell bet his listeners that once winter ended Lincoln wouldn't see sub-60 degree temperatures until football season. He was wrong so he took a hike around Lincoln. His mom said he reached almost 18 miles that year.

This year Mitchell reached 27 miles on the heels of a very warm day, were temperatures reached triple digits. 

Mitchell had a  goal of $3,000 dollars. To his surprise he reached over $10,000 in his all-day walk around town. 

The proceeds will all be donated to Morning Hope.

Stops included Haymarket Park, the Capitol, Memorial Stadium and a few water breaks along the way.

Mayor Chris Beutler proclaimed June 15, 2018 as "Jack Mitchell Walks for Mourning Hope Day."