Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

At Mahoney State Park organ recipients and organ donors got together to celebrate the gift of life.
Chad Bautch is one of the people here attending the celebration of heroes lunch. He's an organ recipient, and this event allows people to meet other organ donor families.
"I have not had the opportunity to meet my donor yet or my donor's family. And I have never talked to donors in the sense that, I got to live, and that's hard for me. So today will be different," said Bautch. 
For some organ recipients like Gordy Cusick they got to meet their donor families for the first time.
"I had liver cancer and she saved my life, and I get to be with mother. This is the first time we've seen each other in person and her two wonderful children and it's just amazing," said Cusick. 
Gordy's liver came from Tonia who had a dying pancreas, and for Gordy this day of meeting Tonia's family for the first time is truly touching.
"It's quite an emotional thing," added Cusick "bittersweet where they lost somebody and I gained something. So it's kinda awkward a little but it's just she's such a hero for doing that and I'm just so lucky to have her doing that."
For Tonia's family their hero still lives on through Gordy.
"Well she was always really out going and then when she donated to him he got the outgoing part of her so it transferred to him so it means a lot," said Tonia's son Jacob Harms. 
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