Omaha police say 42 year old Mario Bustamante died Saturday, June 16 at Lake Cunningham.

They say he was test driving a boat with his wife and another family when the engine stalled.

Witnesses say Bustamante tried to swim to shore to get help.

Rescue crews from several agencies helped in the search where his body was recovered.

Police say a man is dead after drowning in a lake. It happened around 5:30 Saturday, June 16 at Lake Cunningham.

Police say a middle–aged man had problems with a boat. He tried to swim to shore, but did not make it. The man's identity has not been released.

This is the second drowning at a Nebraska lake this month. The last one was 31 year old Travis Wilkins of Lincoln who drowned at Pawnee Lake.

Officials say if Wilkins had been wearing a life vest, he likely would have survived.

Police also say the man who drowned at Lake Cunningham was not wearing a life vest either.