Posted By: Rachael Miner

It was another deadly weekend on Nebraska lakes.

28–year–old Christian Montoya of Lincoln drown at Pawnee Lake Sunday afternoon after he jumped in the water trying to save his son.

"They were on a large floating device and the wind floated them outside the swimming area, they fell off of it or whatever happened or blew off of it. He didn't know how to swim and neither one of them had life jackets on."

Earlier this month a 31–year–old Lincoln Man also drown at Pawnee Lake after he was flung off a tube being pulled by a jet ski, and this past Saturday, a man tried to swim to shore after his boat stalled, but didn't make it.

In all three cases, none of the men were wearing life jackets.

"We average about five fatalities in boating a year and most of those have a common denominator and those are no life jacket non swimmers not wearing life jacket," Herb Angell with Nebraska Games and Parks says.

Angell says drownings are totally preventable simply by wearing a life jacket.

He recommends wearing one any time you're on the water, even if you're a good swimmer.

"One of the things as far as life jackets are concerned they don't work if you don't wear them. If you're in our state and under 13 you have to wear them all the time if you're on a boat that's the law or if you're on a jet ski it makes no difference how old you are."